Congratulations on your new puppy!
We know it can be overwhelming in the beginning, so we’ve put together a list of tips and items you’ll likely need!

 General Gear

-Crate or x-pen for confinement. Create a puppy-proof area you can leave pup when you are not at home or not able to supervise.

-Water bowl – provide lots of fresh water throughout the day. If your puppy likes to play in or knock over the water bowl, get a bowl with a lid that reduces spilling.

-Collar – be sure the fit is snug but not tight. Remember to check the fit for a growing puppy weekly to ensure it’s not getting too tight.

-Harness for walking – it is often easier for pups to get used to walking on leash if they are wearing a harness. If your pup pulls, get an anti-pull harness. If your pup is getting used to walking on leash, try walking on a harness, it’s often more comfortable than having the leash attached to the collar.

-Leash that is comfortable for you to hold & an extra leash that you can get dirty when practicing recall training outside.

Be sure to provide your puppy lots of appropriate chew toys for mental and physical stimulation and be sure pup can’t reach anything you DON’T want chewed.

Chew Toys & Treat Puzzles
-Kong – Natural Balance rolls, Evermore, and peanutbutter make great Kong fillers
Omega Paw Treat Ball -Bully Sticks
-Antlers – these take a longer time to chew so will keep pup busy & tire him out.- Fun puzzle toys & Plush toys – dogs love the ones with squeakers, and durable tug toys.

Potty Training
-Treats for rewarding pup for going outside. Natural Balance or Stella & Chewy’s – something small but VERY tasty
-Puppy Training Pads
-Stain & Odor Remover (try to keep to a minimum)-Crate or x-pen for confinement. For crate training, a good rule of thumb is the # of months a pup is the # of hours he can go without a potty break if not running around playing.

Handling & Grooming
Get your puppy used to being groomed and handled like he will be handled at the vet. Remember to give a treat after you’re done so that your pup builds a positive association with being handled.
-Nail clippers
-Toothbrush & paste
-Hair brush-Earthbath puppy shampoo/wipes