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Antler Dog Chews!

Have an aggressive chewer that tears through bully sticks and plush toys like a beaver building a dam or something? Perhaps you’ve heard about them, or wondered what that was sitting in the baskets at our shops – Antlers! Each year in North America, millions of deer, elk and moose shed their antlers naturally to the delight of many dogs! A dog’s natural instinct is to search out and chew on bones. Because these antlers are solid throughout, they are durable, long lasting and full of calcium and minerals while difficult to splinter or break. Each species has a unique smell and flavor which will appeal to your dog. Because of this, there is no need to add any unnecessary dyes, chemical enhancements or preservatives. Since they are long-lasting this investment is also easier on the wallet and will save you money! We have several sizes, and species in stock to fit the needs of your dog.

*Tip: to renew or enhance flavor or scent, on occasion you may soak the antler in warm water.

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Evermore Hearty Food For Dogs Demonstration

On Thursday August 11th, we were delighted to host Co-Owner of Evermore, Hanna Mandelbaum for a food demonstration. The weather was beautiful and the dogs were about town and tails were wagging! To the delight of the pups, Hanna sampled both the Beef and Chicken recipe.

“Whether on its own or mixed with kibble, Evermore is more nutritionally dense than canned food.”
– Gently Cooked, sold frozen
– Human-edible food, made from fresh, high quality, whole-food ingredients
– Hard to resist, easy to digest
– USDA certified antibiotic and hormone-free meats
– Made in a USDA and FDA-inspected, HACCP compliant kitchen
– NO byproducts, meat meals, fillers, corn, soy, wheat, potatoes or salt
– complete and balanced diet on its own, or great as a mixer with kibble
– FANTASTIC as a kong filler and alternative to peanut butter

We still have a few samples left! So stop in and try this great product!

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Dura Doggie™ toys

Beba Toy

We are very excited today to unpack a box of Dura Doggie™ toys! Dura Doggie™ is a fantastic company based in Santa Ana, California. All of their toys are made in the US, which fits our profile at Hound About Town perfectly. They are fun, colorful, have a pleasant scent, and come in a variety of sizes. You can also fill them with treats, keeping your pup busy and challenged!!

On top of all these great features, Dura Doggie™ has Chews Your Cause, where each toy purchased gives 20% to a charity that you choose.

Nebo Ball

Pink for Fighting Breast Cancer
Blue for helping Animals Live
Orange for Fighting Diabetes

Green for the Planet

Check out the awesome guarantee from their website! “If your dog chews up a Dura Doggie™ product in 15 days or less, we will send you a new, one time replacement, FREE of charge.”

Get more detailed info at

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