Hamilton Square Opening Soon!

The time is almost here! We’ve been planning to open Hound About Town in Hamilton Square since 2007 when work on the building first began. After years of waiting, it’s now just around the corner. Check out photos of our progress here. You can expect the same great products from our new shop, and an even broader selection of the products we currently carry, and we will have new products as well. Inventory will be shared between both locations so we can cater to what YOU need and where you need it.
The new space is significantly bigger, but we did learn from our first location, that a small shop can work quite well. And because of this, we will be bringing you yet ANOTHER business! Inside the walls of Hound About Town, we will open “Hazel” a baby boutique that specializes in eco-friendly and green products for your family! As you can see in the photos, each boutique will share the same checkout counter but will have a separate entryway. Each will also be accessible to one another by way of a swinging door. This will be important for those parents that do not wish to have their children interact with pets or vice versa. We know that many of you have both children and pets, so this will be one stop shopping! We are spending the next 2 weeks setting up our point of sales, putting up shelves and stocking them. We hope to open Hound About Town in the second or third week of October, and the baby boutique will follow soon after sometime in November. We look forward to seeing you and your smiling pets and babies!


Elizabeth & Donovan

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Evermore Hearty Food For Dogs Demonstration

On Thursday August 11th, we were delighted to host Co-Owner of Evermore, Hanna Mandelbaum for a food demonstration. The weather was beautiful and the dogs were about town and tails were wagging! To the delight of the pups, Hanna sampled both the Beef and Chicken recipe.

“Whether on its own or mixed with kibble, Evermore is more nutritionally dense than canned food.”
– Gently Cooked, sold frozen
– Human-edible food, made from fresh, high quality, whole-food ingredients
– Hard to resist, easy to digest
– USDA certified antibiotic and hormone-free meats
– Made in a USDA and FDA-inspected, HACCP compliant kitchen
– NO byproducts, meat meals, fillers, corn, soy, wheat, potatoes or salt
– complete and balanced diet on its own, or great as a mixer with kibble
– FANTASTIC as a kong filler and alternative to peanut butter

We still have a few samples left! So stop in and try this great product!

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Dura Doggie™ toys

Beba Toy

We are very excited today to unpack a box of Dura Doggie™ toys! Dura Doggie™ is a fantastic company based in Santa Ana, California. All of their toys are made in the US, which fits our profile at Hound About Town perfectly. They are fun, colorful, have a pleasant scent, and come in a variety of sizes. You can also fill them with treats, keeping your pup busy and challenged!!

On top of all these great features, Dura Doggie™ has Chews Your Cause, where each toy purchased gives 20% to a charity that you choose.

Nebo Ball

Pink for Fighting Breast Cancer
Blue for helping Animals Live
Orange for Fighting Diabetes

Green for the Planet

Check out the awesome guarantee from their website! “If your dog chews up a Dura Doggie™ product in 15 days or less, we will send you a new, one time replacement, FREE of charge.”

Get more detailed info at

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Tips for this 4th of July – Keeping your Dog comfortable and safe

4th of July fireworks can be stressful for many dogs, especially those who are sensitive to noise. Some animal shelters report that this is the busiest time since they are inundated with animals who escaped from yards or slipped away from their owners in a panic.  If thunderstorms are stressful for your dog, it is likely that the noise and vibration from fireworks will bother them as well.

How to tell if your dog is stressed: panting, pacing, yawning,  trembling, lethargy, loss of appetite, walking in circles, snuggling up very close to you and trying to hide are all canine stress signals. Try your best to comfort and distract your dog but often, they will not relax until after the fireworks end and some may not feel better until the next day.

Here are some tips to try to keep your dog calm this 4th of July:

Give your dog plenty of exercise a few hours before fireworks are scheduled to start. If your dog is tired, he will have less energy to spend on being stressed.

Feed your dog less than you typically would during fireworks day and prepare some food puzzles (such as the Kong) to give your dog shortly before the fireworks start. If your dog is hungry and engaged in a fun activity, he is less likely to pay attention to what’s going on outside. If your dog does not typically eat from puzzles, test some out a week ahead of time to make sure your dog knows how to use them. Stop in Hound About Town for Kongs or recommendations for treats to use in them.

Don’t take your dog to a fireworks display.

Do not leave your dog in the car.  Temperatures inside a car on a hot day (or evening) can reach over 100 quickly even with the windows open. Imagine sitting in a car with a fur coat on in the summer. Dogs can die from becoming overheated in a hot car. Dogs can also become destructive while attempting to escape an enclosed area when stressed.

Keep your dog indoors and stay home with him/her if possible. If you are going out, leave him/her in a safe, secure area and close all windows.  If you have an air conditioner, leave it running as the noise and cool temperature will help. Leave the television or music as background noise. Let your dog wander and try to find a place where he feels safe.

Make sure your dog has up to date identification tags and is wearing a properly fitted collar. If your dog is not microchipped, this would be a good time to do it. Dogs who are extremely stressed can wiggle out of a too loose collar.

Some people have success with homeopathic remedies such as Rescue Remedy, Melatonin, Calm Shen and others, available at Hound About Town, given about an hour prior. Other dogs have good results with Thundershirts, anxiety wraps or any tight shirt. If your vet practices acupuncture, try to get an appointment that week and ask if any herbal supplements could be helpful. Some dogs who have extreme reactions need the help of anti-anxiety medications. If you are concerned about your dog, contact your vet to discuss options asap. Please note that Acepromazine is not a good option because it and can heighten sensitivity to sounds.

Jennifer Murray earned an Honors Certificate in Training and Counseling from The San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. She has also completed intensive programs in Dog Aggression and Curriculum Design. Her experience includes fostering puppies as well as adult dogs with behavior issues, training and evaluating shelter dogs, developing and teaching public classes as well as providing private training sessions for clients. She currently lives in Laguna Beach, CA with her husband, 2 young sons and 2 rescue dogs. She is also Wiley’s favorite Aunt.

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Car Shopping – Dog in mind!

Wiley In the Cargo Area

Ok, I admit that we also considered the fact that we will be doing deliveries for Hound About Town while shopping for a new car. But we certainly considered the doggie factor! In the end we chose a Subaru Outback which boasted the size and 4×4 of the SUV while better on gas and lower to the ground. The jump to and from the cargo area will be much easier for an aging Wiley! We had a great purchasing experience and the folks at Town Motors of Englewood, NJ are dog friendly. Wiley joined us in the showroom when we signed and he couldn’t wait to have his own area of the car! I’m a little sad that he can no longer lick my face when I’m trying to drive, but he looks pretty happy back there doesn’t he? We took him on a trip to Palisades Interstate Park yesterday and he smiled the whole way. It could be partly due to the fact that he knew he was going somewhere fun, but he really seemed to enjoy the space back there and the ability to look around in all directions. The cargo area came with a cargo liner that is removable and easy to clean, and for added comfort we placed a stylish and comfy West Paw Zoo Rest for Wiley. We couldn’t be happier!

Wiley West Paw Zoo Rest

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Pet Trade Show & Soft Opening

Pet Trade Show & Soft Opening

Last week was the annual H.H. Backer Spring Pet Trade show and Hound About Town was there to seek out the best products! The event is a great way to meet all of our vendors and potential ones as well. From food, dental care, to collars and leashes, it’s all there! We sought out the most natural, holistic and sustainable products made in the U.S.A. We were able to place orders with 2 leashes and collar companies from New England. Arriving on our shelves shortly will be collars and leashes from Trish Hampton handmade in Rhode Island, and also Preston Ribbons manufactured in Massachusetts. In the food, treats and supplement department, we placed orders with a company from Elizabeth’s old stomping ground, Pet Naturals, and Wagatha’s organic treats of Vermont. Also arriving soon are Sojos from MN, Deer & Elk Antlers by River Dog Naturals in PA, and Lotus, a baked food company based in CA.

In the grooming and cleanliness department we ordered natural cleaning products from Eco-Me who manufactures shampoo, conditioner, spray, powder and cleaners that are safe for pets using essential oils like lavender and citrus. We also found a very interesting cat litter called Purr & Simple made in California. They farm nuts and found an eco-friendly use for their shells. Their pellets and litter impressed us in their demonstration and is also compostable!

Lucky dropped by and was very excited about our new shop!

The event also hosts a variety of educational seminars as well. We attended “Joint Support: Above and Beyond Glucosamine” with Chris Bessent, DVM of Herbsmith. This provided great information about supporting your pet’s health with diet and the use of Chinese herbs. We will be offering Herbsmith’s joint, calming, milk thistle and allergy supplements.

And in the Fun Department, we also placed orders with Simply Fido and will carry their Organic and recycled toys, based out of Brooklyn, NY.

On Saturday April 16th, we tore down the paper that was covering the windows, and opened our doors! We were still very busy entering UPC codes into our system, and patiently awaiting for more deliveries to fill our shelves, but we couldn’t be happier to meet everyone in the neighborhood! We met so many great people who welcomed us, and we saw so many happy tails wagging that this just reaffirms that we now have the best job in the world! Stay tuned for our Grand Opening.

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H.A.T. Visits ‘True Food For Dogs’

While in Southern California visiting family, Hound About Town stopped by True Food For Dogs in Newport Beach. Founder Shawn Buckley uses “USDA/FDA certified, for human consumption ingredients” in their healthy homemade recipes. We checked out their kitchen, which is in plain view (see pictures) and picked up a few samples. Unfortunately True Food For Dogs does not sell wholesale as of yet, however there is a lot of information on their website. They provide information about pet nutrition, and how to understand ingredients. They even give their recipes so you can make dog food at home, or if you’re in the area, you can even take classes. Homemade food is a great way to supplement your dog’s diet. Thanks to Wes who provided us with information and let us take pictures!

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We’re Coming Soon!

Hello friends! We are excited to finally open up a store. We’ve been researching vendors and products, and attending trade shows for almost 3 years now. We will provide the most natural and sustainable pet products to the neighborhoods we love in Jersey City, NJ. Stay tuned as we finalize our inventory and set-up shop! Sign our mailing list, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and email us if you have any suggestions or to request your favorite products.

218 Montgomery

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