“I Love My Rescue” Contest Official Rules

Official Rules

* Must be a Jersey City, NJ Resident, and able to provide proof of residence

* One Entry Per household

* Entry must be able to provide proof of adoption

* Pet food brand will be approved based on products Hound About Town stocks or can order and meets our company standards. Inquire with staff for more details.

* Quantity of food based on one pet and the average feeding values based on their weight

* Food supply prize will be disbursed throughout the year

* Store pick up only

* Rescue entry must be a cat or dog

* Summary must be 250 words or less and include a photo of you and your pet. We will take a photo for you if you cannot provide one.

* Hound About Town is aware that there are Sweepstake bots and websites that can be used to gain unfair votes and we reserve the right to disqualify any  contestant that we discover is competing unfairly at our discretion.

* Hound About Town reserves the right to suspend or cancel the contest at any time

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Wiley On Wheels

It happens to the best of us. We get old, and so do our pets. Our 11 year old rescue hound-shepherd mix is no exception and unfortunately due to age and genetics he suffers from Canine degenerative myelopathyThis is an incurable disease of the spinal chord that is essentially the breaking down of communication between the brain and the nerves in the lower body. It has been about a year long progression. First he dragged his foot. Then he started falling. Then he started knuckling, or standing on his knuckles and didn’t even seem to notice or care (because he couldn’t feel it) and finally scissoring (legs crossing while walking or sitting). I’ve seen wheels for dogs, and I’ve researched it, and when he could barely walk anymore, and I was holding him up while he went to the bathroom, I knew something had to be done. Of course you fear the worst and I wondered the unthinkable. “Is he dying?”  “Will we have to put him down?” These were all plausible thoughts, but then I would look at him,  all I could see was the same spirit that I had always known. Perhaps he’s slower, less rambunctious, and a few pounds extra but I consider myself an intuitive person and I didn’t see death anywhere in his expressions or in his eyes. He sees, smells, hears, eats and defecates normally. He just has a problem and I needed to offer him a solution. Exercise, and hydrotherapy are helpful in prolonging life and preventing further degeneration but also ironic because it’s not easy to get him exercise when he cannot walk. Acupuncture has helped him as well, and we will continue these things, but I went and got him some wheels! There’s a few companies out there and ultimately we went with K9 Carts, a USA manufacturer with over 50 years of experience. They offer rent-to-own which serves as a payment plan, or a lease if you need one short-term for an injury or surgery, or decide that you don’t like it.

Wiley Wheels

After a few weeks with his new set of wheels, we couldn’t be happier! It’s easy to set up and attach to him. For us, it is a bit of a process. We put on Pawz rubber booties so he doesn’t scrape his nails and paws while walking, and we have to help him down the stairs with a harness and then put on the wheels, and take off after the walk to get him back up the stairs (bless Grace our dog walker!).  He’s adjusted well. He began peeing right away with it on, but it took him a couple of weeks before he realized he could poo with it on. Aside from that, and navigating around elevated flower beds, and signs he cruises right up curbs, through the grass and gravel quite easily! He behaves like it’s not even on him which is quite a feat for him as he can be anxious at times and particular with his pooping locations. He’s really happy walking around again, and he’s also using his rear legs while moving as well, so he’s getting the excercise he needs to prolong his life and hopefully stave off further degeneration as long as possible! Look at him go! If you should ever have any questions regarding a similar situation, feel free to reach out to us. We are so happy we made this decision and Wiley is, too!

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Celebrate Earth Day and Sale at Hound About Town!

We love the earth at Hound About Town, and we’re celebrating! This weekend (Saturday and Sunday April 21-22) we’re giving away our stylish reusable bags with every purchase (a $14.50 Value). These bags are designed by our Jersey City friends at Bag The Habit! As you may have noticed from the beginning, we have sought out the most sustainable and eco-friendly pet products that are available. We feel that it is our responsibility as a retailer to bring you these products for the betterment of our pets’ lives, society, the economy and our environment. To celebrate our great green earth, you may take 10% off of any and all items that are made with sustainable practices such as recycled materials and more. Some items included will be West Paw beds (made in the USA with organic cotton and recycled soda bottles), 100% recyclable toys by West Paw, Dura Doggie, and Planet Dog, Environmentally friendly Organic Pet Toys by Simply Fido (made from organic cotton and chemical-free and non-toxic dye), biodegradable bags by Harry Barker, Eco Easy Walk and Eco Gentle leader (made with 100% recycled plastic),and more!

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Antler Dog Chews!

Have an aggressive chewer that tears through bully sticks and plush toys like a beaver building a dam or something? Perhaps you’ve heard about them, or wondered what that was sitting in the baskets at our shops – Antlers! Each year in North America, millions of deer, elk and moose shed their antlers naturally to the delight of many dogs! A dog’s natural instinct is to search out and chew on bones. Because these antlers are solid throughout, they are durable, long lasting and full of calcium and minerals while difficult to splinter or break. Each species has a unique smell and flavor which will appeal to your dog. Because of this, there is no need to add any unnecessary dyes, chemical enhancements or preservatives. Since they are long-lasting this investment is also easier on the wallet and will save you money! We have several sizes, and species in stock to fit the needs of your dog.

*Tip: to renew or enhance flavor or scent, on occasion you may soak the antler in warm water.

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Valentine’s Day Kissing Booth Contest!

Come on, we know you do it!
Send us your best photo of you and your pet sharing a smooch by Sunday February 12th!
We’ll choose our favorites, and then let our Facebook fans vote by “liking” their favorite photo on February 13th & 14th. Most “likes” will win a gift basket valued at $50!

Deadline: February 12th
Send to:
Voting begins:
9am February 13th
Ends: 8pm February 14th

(*photo courtesy of our wedding photogrpaher Michelle Arlotta)

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12/11 JerseyCats Adoption Event

We had yet another fun Adoption Event at the Hound About Town. For this event we had the good folks from JerseyCats on site with several beautiful kittens that are in need of new homes. We were delighted to host this event. Applications were submitted for adoption and fostering but there are still many cats that need homes! Here’s some pictures of the adorable kitties we got to meet!

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11/19 Adoption Event – See Spot Rescued/Badass Brooklyn Foster Dog

This past Saturday, we were delighted to host an Adoption event with See Spot Rescued and Badass Brooklyn Foster Dog. Several dogs found homes, and several more received applications for adoption! Also, thanks to Jenna Leigh Teti Photography for raffling off a photo session, and Hanna from Evermore Pet Food for scooping out her delicious food for our visitors!

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New Magazine Coupon

Welcome new customers who found us in New Magazine! Please present the following coupon for savings on your first purchase!


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Halloween Pet Photo Contest!

Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate!

Submit your photo to
by 11:00 PM Sunday October 30, 2011 or have us take a picture of your pet in a Halloween costume at one of our shops. Photos will be voted on by our fans on our
between 9am-11:59pm on Halloween Day(10/31/2011)!
Photo with most “likes” will win!
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Hamilton Park Location Now Open!

After a few years of planning, and a little sweat, we have finally opened our doors! We love our space in the beautiful new Hamilton Square building (it’s larger in size but still cozy) with a high ceiling and a beautiful view of the newly renovated and vibrant Hamilton Park which conveniently maintains 2 dog runs!. We’re very close to being fully stocked, so stop in and check it out. We have a larger selection than our Montgomery location with expanded product lines which will now be available to you upon demand at either location. Without sounding too gushy, we’re so happy that you choose to shop with us. It’s so wonderful to work in the neighborhood that we live in, and satisfying to be able to contribute to a better lifestyle for our neighbors’ pets! Come in – sniff around!

Hound About Town – Hamilton Square
17 McWilliams Place
Jersey City, NJ 07302
(201) 918-5557

Open 7 Days!
Monday-Friday: 11am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

See on Google Maps here…
Hound About Town – Hamilton Park on Yelp

Please email with any requests or questions


Elizabeth & Donovan Cain

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