“I Love My Rescue” Contest Official Rules

“I Love My Rescue” Contest Official Rules

Official Rules

* Must be a Jersey City, NJ Resident, and able to provide proof of residence

* One Entry Per household

* Entry must be able to provide proof of adoption

* Pet food brand will be approved based on products Hound About Town stocks or can order and meets our company standards. Inquire with staff for more details.

* Quantity of food based on one pet and the average feeding values based on their weight

* Food supply prize will be disbursed throughout the year

* Store pick up only

* Rescue entry must be a cat or dog

* Summary must be 250 words or less and include a photo of you and your pet. We will take a photo for you if you cannot provide one.

* Hound About Town is aware that there are Sweepstake bots and websites that can be used to gain unfair votes and we reserve the right to disqualify any  contestant that we discover is competing unfairly at our discretion.

* Hound About Town reserves the right to suspend or cancel the contest at any time


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  1. Voting for Anna Brown in the hound about town contest

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